How to write an abstract for the research paper?

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If you need to write an abstract (abstract, summary, abstract) to a scientific article or report, do not panic! An abstract is simply a summary of a work or article that others can use as a review. It summarizes the content of the work, whether it is a scientific article describing experimental results or a theoretical publication. Abstract will help your reader understand what the article is about, and with its help, people will be able to find a specific job and decide if it is suitable for achieving their goals. If you look at the abstract simply as a brief summary of what you have already written, it is very easy to do!

First write the research paper itself. Despite the fact that the abstract precedes the main text, it serves as a summary of the entire article. This is not an introduction to your topic, but a review of everything you wrote in the article. Plan to write an abstract at the end, after you have completed your article.

Review and understand all the requirements for writing research and its abstract. Perhaps, the article has certain requirements and guidelines, whether it is intended for publication in a scientific journal, presentation at school or at work as a working draft. Before you start writing an article, review the rules and guidelines for writing it and identify the most important points to keep in mind.

Are the maximum and minimum allowable sizes of work indicated, what are they?

Are there any style requirements?

Are you writing a study paper, or is it intended for publication?

Determine the type of abstract you need to write. Although all summaries serve to achieve almost the same goal, there are two main styles of summarization – descriptive and informative. You may have been given a particular style to follow; otherwise, you must select it yourself. As a rule, informative abstracts are used for longer technical studies, while descriptive ones are better suited for short articles.

A descriptive abstract explains the task and purpose, the methods of your work, but it says nothing about the results achieved. Usually its volume is only 100-200 words.

An informative abstract is a condensed version of your article and contains an overview of the entire study, including its results. Such abstracts are longer than descriptive and can take from one paragraph to the whole page.

The basic information presented in the abstracts of both types is the same, but the main difference is that the results are included only in the informative abstract, and it is much more descriptive.