How to “find” a relevant topic for a dissertation?

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The start of postgraduate studies is a period of active scientific research, which is usually accompanied by the emergence of a mass of questions for a graduate student.

To answer these questions is very difficult.

There are few actual methodological manuals devoted to the performance of qualifying scientific works on the market of educational literature, their recommendations that have been overly theorized and therefore divorced from reality are hardly perceived (read – incomprehensible) by young scientists.

A modern graduate student is often not ready for independent scientific work, and the designated supervisor, given his employment, does not have time to do the work of “educational”. So its really complicated to choose the dissertation topics in education.

Scientific management, even in universities with a serious scientific school, boils down to rare meetings with graduate students and the reading of already completed works. The effectiveness of interaction often depends on the goodwill of the supervisor and his “sympathy” for the graduate student.

As a result – the decline and so low scientific activity of graduate students and applicants. The occurrence of such difficulties does not allow them to fully realize the possibility of independent research activities. In the absence of proper motivation and a busy work schedule, a graduate student receives the strongest impulse to pay money and shift the responsibility for writing a dissertation to a third person.

This “forced” demarche is quite understandable. However, no matter how difficult the beginning of the scientific activity, the development of the problems of dissertation research, I still do not advise to trust the abstract company.

Is it possible to independently choose a topic for a dissertation without having experience in scientific activities?

If you approach the choice of the topic of the thesis strategically, then begin, of course, with the choice of a scientific specialty. Someone makes this choice before entering a university or in the process of learning. Graduate school becomes a logical continuation of the research work carried out by the student during the period of study in the framework of the chosen specialty, and the final qualifying work becomes the basis of the essay provided upon admission to graduate school.

Whatever the search for the actual topic of the thesis should begin with a conversation with your supervisor. Sometimes this way is the easiest and shortest. The supervisor (if you wish) can, at the very first meeting, tell about the problems existing in your field of knowledge, which you will be able to “develop” together with your efforts to the topic of your dissertation.